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In The Netherlands we have a tradition to uphold. Since long we provide the world with great documentary photography. With the easy access to photo camera’s and the enormous increase of photographers, stories also start to appear.

550nm was started with the idea to promote great dutch documentary photography. But i cannot do that without you, the photographer. I am always looking for stories, series and more.

If you want to participate please sent me an email.


Here are the SO 2014 nominees

The Nominees of one of the largest dutch photo contests are announced. For SO 2014 212 photographers sent in their work to be judged. The jury consisted of Dennis Baars (TBWA\Neboko), Jaap Biemans (Volkskrant Magazine), Scheltens&Abbenes fotografie, Piet Paris(Harpers Bazaar Netherlands) and Karin van Gilst(Stedelijk Museum).

The SO 2014 which stands for Selection of Dutch photography is a contest about the creative identity of the dutch photographer. For the contest the photographer is challenged to create a personal vision and style and show that in a consistent body of work. The photographers sent in their selection of 5 to 12 images that were made in the past year and show a contemporary personal view on photography.

On 26 november 2014 the winner will be announced at the stedelijk museum in Amsterdam.

The photographers that were nominated for the SO 2014 awards are:

Alek Bruessing
Alex ten Napel
Arjen Schmitz
Bastiaan Woudt
Carla Kogelman
Cindy Baar
Ernst Coppejans
Gea Schenk
Gerrit Schreurs
Gerritjan Huinink
Jaap Stahlie
Jacqueline Dersjant
Jean-Luc Truijens
Jeroen Hofman
Jitske Schols
Jouk Oosterhof
Lenny Du Choff
Maarten Kools
Marieke van der Velden
Marijke de Gruyter & Jet Vervest
Mike Harris
Nico Bastens
Petra van Velzen
Robert Peek
Renate Beense
Rene van der Hulst
Robin de Puy
Tara Fallaux


Ingenious homes in unexpected places

Iwan Baan a hugely successful architecture photographer from Amsterdam talks about his Torre David project in this TEDCity talk he did in September 2013.

After photographing the most iconic architecture designed today he also focuses on documenting the human condition and documents the adaptability of people living in slums worldwide.

Starting as an Architecture photographer for Rem Koolhaas he quickly became one of the most influential architecture photographers working today. His documentary approach to his subjects make him stand out from the traditional architecture photographer. And by focusing on the idea behind the buildings design and the way the architect designed them he stands out from the ordinary.

You can find more of his work here.

Screenshot 2014-03-04 13.58.13

Bieke Depoorter guest at Belgium talkshow reyers laat

In july 2012 Bieke Depoorter became nominee at Magnum photo’s. At that time she was working in Ou Menya, An essay about familylife in Russia. She travelled by train and at the end of the day she would approach people and ask if she could spend the night with them.

In 2013 she started I am about to call it a day, a similar project in the United States where she photographs people just before going to bed.

On 30 January 2014 she was a guest at the Belgium daily talkshow reyers laat where she would talk about being a nominee at magnum and her projects ou menya, i am about to call it a day and in between.

Unfortunately for our non-dutch speaking visitors it is only in dutch.